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FLYCATFLY are Sina Lempke, Rich Millin, Cord Bühring

Lautstark und ungestüm, sanft und zerbrechlich, dabei ebenso ehrlich wie charmant bedient sich FCF am scheinbar endlosen Buffet des Indie Rock Genres.
 Der männliche und weibliche, ausschließlich englisch vorgetragene Gesang, mehrstimmig oder nicht, harmoniert vorzüglich in diesem dreier Sound Konstrukt. 
Er ist umgeben, nahezu bewacht von teils atmosphärisch dichten, teils penetrant minimalistischen Gitarren- und Basslinien und gleichzeitig vehement konsequentem und überzeugend verspieltem Schlagzeug. 
Die Songs scheinen sich gleichermaßen in Wut, beinahe Verzweiflung aber ebenso stetiger Hoffnung aufzulösen. 

Es geht um Angst. 
Es geht um Liebe.
 Es geht um Leidenschaft. 
Es geht um Schmerz.
 Es geht um Hoffnung.
 Es geht um Etwas. 

Das soll man hören. 

Mehr nicht.

Loud and impetuous, soft and fragile, as honest as charming... 

FCF come to you served on the seemingly endless buffet of indie rock genre.

 Their sound is surrounded, almost guarded by atmospherically dense, penetrant, minimalist guitar and bass lines, and with resounding and driving beats.

 The songs seem to be alike in anger, almost despair, but resolve in steady hope.

 It's about fear.
 It's about love.
 It's about passion.
It's all about pain. 
It's about hope.
 It's about something.

 Nothing more.


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I’ve often thought that three-piece bands are the perfect format and Berlin’s FlyCatFly are a fine example of that idea. When dealing with the gentler songs such as opening salvo, Staring Holes, the band retain a wonderful minimalism that accentuates the feel and the textures of the song, when delivering rockers such as Ready To they just look you straight in the eye and lay down a solid groove. Brevity is the name of the game and it is a game that FlyCatFly play well. Many bands would find themselves hampered by working with so few musical tools but then that is where the real test lies. It would be easy to throw in all the trickery that the modern studio has to offer, extra instrumentation and clever distractions to hide the fact that they just don’t have the songs, but thankfully they have no need of that as they past the test with flying colours, the songs are great. There is a certain plaintive feel to Cord Buhring’s voice which gives a reflective and melancholic tone to the music, especially on My Good Day where it takes centre stage allowing the music to just gently wash around it. But they are certainly not a one-trick pony and the real contrasts come in songs such as Road To Rome when bassist Sina Lempke provides more punchy vocals over a tribal beats and razor wire guitar strikes to create a dark and dangerous gothic tinged slice of brilliance. And when both voices come together in the spiralling crescendo of A Word in White the result is simply breath-taking. FlyCatFly are a band who can get a lot of musical mileage out of a simple format, create great dynamic changes from half-whispered lows to searing, forceful highs and the bottom line is that they do so because they know how to write great songs. It’s such a simple idea, one that many bands would do well to remember.

A Pocketful of Pain – FlyCatFly reviewed by Dave Franklin
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Photo by Eike Klingspohn

Photo by Maik Kirchner

Photo by Maik Kirchner

Photographer unknown


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